United Learning Center Overview

January, 2022

The United Learning Center (ULC) will play an essential and unique role in Lewis County, facilitating the comprehensive education of our
community’s youth through the founding entities’ combined skills, resources, and connections.  In collaboration with the City of Centralia, United Way of Lewis County, the Bezos Academy, Discover! Children’s Museum, and the Boys & Girls Club of Lewis County, the United Learning Center will provide a seamless learning experience at one location for children ages three to eighteen years of age.  Learn more about our project timeline, funding, and programs in this United Learning Center Project Overview.

State Money

December, 2018

After much time, we are happy to announce that we made it onto the state bill that passed the capital budget in 2018. We are now almost two thirds of the way to reaching our goal of being fully funded, and construction for our permanent museum will start in the near future!

Rotary Auction – Traveling Exhibit Trailer

June, 2018

The LC Rotary Auction makes way for Discover! to go on wheels. Thanks to the Lewis County Rotary Annual Auction Event we will be able to attain our goal of starting community outreach. We have had plans for some time to reach out to schools and events by bringing fun exhibits to their locations. Enough funds were raised during the auction, to allow us to start the process of picking the trailer and filling it with fun exhibits to share with our Discover! Fans. Thank you Lewis County Rotary! and all of those who donated during the event!


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